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Nervous Patients Southend

Dental Sedation Dentist

Often patients have developed a fear of the dentist having suffered a bad experience during childhood, resulting in them avoiding dental treatment. We can reassure those patients that dental techniques have advanced a long way in recent years and now, with modern equipment, new medication and caring and highly skilled staff, dental treatment at Parmar Dental is neither a painful nor a distressing experience.

In the past nervous patients were sedated during procedures using general anaesthesia, but this is no longer the case for routine dental treatment. At Parmar Dental we offer our most nervous patients conscious sedation, designed to make treatment a more pleasant experience.

Through the administration of a gentle sedative agent, conscious sedation is effective, predictable and very safe. The drugs we use make the patient feel sleepy and relaxed, and many people sleep through their dental appointment with little or no recollection of the procedure. We are one of the few practices to offer conscious sedation and relaxation techniques to totally change the way you will experience dental treatment.

Sedation Dentist in Southend-On-Sea

Dental Phobia Dentist for Nervous Patients

For nervous patients who have avoided visiting the dentist for a long time, it can be a worry that once they do pluck up the courage to attend they will need a lot of treatment. This is always a possibility, but first and foremost patients should contact us for a FREE consultation so we can assess what treatment may be necessary and reassure them about any future visits.

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