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Recent advances in medicine mean that it is now possible to use a patient’s own body to regenerate itself. The PRGF – ENDORET (Plasma Rich in Growth Factor) technique separates growth factors from using a small amount of your own blood to repair and rejuvenate skin, effectively aiding the tissue healing and regeneration process.

The advantages of PRGF are available to those seeking to replace missing teeth with dental implants or as a natural facial rejuvenation to delay the onset of ageing. Patients are very open to PRGF technology as no artificial bone graft materials are used, there is no risk of rejection and no animals are harmed in its fabrication.

When complicated teeth are extracted, PRGF has shown to speed up the healing process, greatly reducing the discomfort experience by patient after tooth removal. For example, a patient having wisdom teeth removed, under sedation, can have the PRGF made from their own blood and placed within the sockets of the extracted teeth. Studies have shown a much faster recuperation period when compared to non-PRGF sites.

PRGF has many uses in Dentistry. More information is available on the BTI website.

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